LED 4FT Love Letter For Hire...

How big are your letters?

Each letter or number is 4ft tall and 2ft wide.

Are they safe?


Completely! We use low wattage LED lights which do not heat up like normal light bulbs so they are extremely safe. Each electrical connection is fully PAT tested.


What if a bulb blows?

The bulbs we use are LED low wattage and therefore long lasting.  Prior to each event we will ensure each letter is in full working order before delivery. There will also be a spare bulb attached just in case.


Are you insured?

Give us a call or email us and we can forward you confirmation of our insurance certificate.


Delivery or Pick up

We will deliver your letters or numbers and set them up to your requirments free of charge wihin a 25 mile radius of Luton.

You are more than welcome to pick them up from us, and set up yourself.


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